The SHIELD project have produced a Maths scheme of work for Grade 1 to 6 which includes both Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks.
Grade 1 to 6 Maths Teacher Guides (English/Burmese)Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

Grade 1 to 6 Maths Student Workbooks (Burmese)
Grade 1 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%201.pdf
Grade 2 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%202.pdf
Grade 3 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%203.pdf
Grade 4 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%204.pdf
Grade 5 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%205.pdf
Grade 6 http://www.shieldthailand.org/Edu_Resource/Math/Student%20Math%20Workbook%206.pdf

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A series of modules which make up a one year Post-Grade 10 Maths course. Maths Module 1: NumbersSome of the topics covered are a review of basic arithmetic, fractions, ratio and indices.The module also contains further exploration of percentages and indices and estimation.Teacher Guide http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%201%20-%20Number%20TG.pdfStudent Book http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%201%20-%20Numbers%20SB.pdf

Maths Module 2: Algebra
This module reviews basic algebra before moving to quadratic equations, sequences and the laws of indices.
Most sections of the module contain practical exercises to help students develop their problem solving skills.
Teacher Guide http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%202%20-%20Algebra%20TG.pdf
Student Book http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%202%20-%20Algebra%20SB.pdf

Maths Module 3: StatisticsThis module begins by considering what data is and the methods used to collect it.Basic data analysis techniques, such as mean, mode and median are introduced and a variety of tools used to present data are taught. Students are required to use data presented as lists and tables to create their own charts and graphs.The final chapter of the module focuses on probability and its applications.Teacher Guide http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%203%20-%20Statistics%20TG.pdfStudent Book http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%203%20-%20Statistics%20SB.pdf
Maths Module 4: GeometryThis module deals with some basic concepts of geometry such as properties of two and three dimensional shapes and calculating dimensions.The module teaches students how to use coordinate geometry to transform shapes and the final chapter shows how to use trigonometry to calculate dimensions of triangles.Teacher Guide http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%204%20-%20Geometry%20TG.pdfStudent Book http://curriculumproject.org//wp-content/uploads/Maths%20Module%204%20-%20Geometry%20SB.pdf