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Learning Centre Monitoring and Evaluation System

The following documents are used to gather and coordinate information on a large number of learning centres.
Through evaluation, the data gathered can feed into an organisation's decision making process and also provide statistics for feedback to donors, partners and beneficiaries.

The forms are available in both English and Burmese.

Description of how the monitoring and evaluation system was developed.
Information on linking the system to INEE minimum standards.

Conversion of feedback into data and information for donors.

The following forms are used by Tak ESA2 to gather information from learning centre throughout the year.
Bi-monthly meetings are then held to monitor and evaulate the feedback from learning centres which comes through these forms.

The forms are written in both Thai and English.
First Meeting Form
Second Meeting Form

Student Result Card

This card has been designed to record a child's education history and is completed at the end of each year by the classroom teacher.
The record can be passed on to new schools for children who move from one location to another as it provides information on grades, attitudes and movement between learning centres.
The form is written in both English and Burmese.