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OBEC Curriculum

Thailand's national curriculum with learning strands and objectives for each subject and grade.



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Minimum Standards Handbooks

A global tool which articulates the minimum level of educational quality and access in emergencies through to recovery.
The handbook aims to enhance the quality of and access to education for all learners regardless of age, gender or abilities.

English (2010 edition) http://toolkit.ineesite.org/toolkit/INEEcms/uploads/1012/INEE_Minimum_Standards_English_2010.pdf

Thai (2004 edition) http://toolkit.ineesite.org/toolkit/INEEcms/uploads/1119/INEE_MS_Handbook_Thai.pdf

Burmese (2004 edition) http://toolkit.ineesite.org/toolkit/INEEcms/uploads/1119/INEE_MS_Handbook_Burmese_draft.pdf

Guidance Notes on Teaching and Learning

Building on the INEE Minimum Standards, these notes focus on issues such as curricula adaptation and development, teacher training, professional development and support, instruction and learning processes and the assessment of learning outcomes.

Inclusive Education Guide

A reference guide to help practitioners ensure that emergency education is accessible and inclusive for all, particularly those who have been traditionally excluded from education. It outlines principles for an inclusive education approach and provides advice for planning, implementing and monitoring. The guide also looks at the issue of resistance to inclusion and methods for supporting education staff.

Good Practice Guide: Education Structures and Management - School Administration

A guide containing good practices to support teachers and other educational personnel.

INEE recommendations on additional resources linked to education provision can be found here

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Steps Towards Learning: A Guide to Overcoming Language Barriers in Children's Education

This guide offers evidence, arguments and practical steps to help stop language acting as a barrier to learning.

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Education in refugee camps in Thailand: policy, practice and paucity

Background paper prepared for the Education for All 2011 Global Monitoring Report.

Mother Tongue Based Literacy Programs: Case studies of good practice from Asia

This document provides an overview of the pedagogical and curricular issues of mother tongue based programmes and an overview of language policies. Case studies, including one based in Thailand, illustrate different strategies and guidance on how to derive lessons learned from the various cases.

Promoting Multilingual Education: Including the Excluded

Advocacy kit designed to raise awareness on the importance of mother tongue based multilingual education.
Contains three main booklets aimed seperately at policy makers, education programme planners and practitioners, and community members.

Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings

This document presents the outcomes of a regional workshop on mother tongue/bilingual literacy programmes for ethnic minorities .
It includes two resource papers on approaches to education in ethnic minority communities and linguistic diversity, literacy and education.
The publication also focuses on aspects of multilingual education programme development.

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Early Grade Reading Assessment Toolkit

Toolkit designed to support early reading assessment among primary aged children in low-income countries.
This toolkit is intended for use by Ministry of Education staff and professionals in the field of education development.