Teacher Training Logbook

Tak ESA2 have produced this Training Logbook which can be used by teaching staff to record any training sessions they attend as part of their professional development.

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This course provides a general introduction to teaching skills.
It explores different aspects of the teaching and learning process and different strategies and methods to support student learning.
There is also additional reading and research for confident trainees and use in longer courses, and a reference section summarising teaching and learning methods.
The skills and principles presented in this course can be adapted for use in any subject, or with students at any level.

'An Introduction to Teaching Skills' Trainer Book (English)


'An Introduction to Teaching Skills' Trainee Book (English)


'An Introduction to Teaching Skills' Trainee Book (Burmese)



Teacher Training Module for New Teachers

This manual has been designed for student teachers and covers the main principles of teaching.
It covers teaching frameworks and learning styles, instructional strategies, assessment and how to create a learning environment.


Developing Skills for New Teachers

This is a 10 hour Teacher Training module for teachers of Nursery aged children.
Primarily aimed at those working in refugee camps, it covers lesson planning, resource management, classroom organisaion, inclusion and behaviour management.

Trainer Handbook (English)

Trainer Handbook (Burmese)

Trainer Handbook (Karen)

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Good Practice Guide: Training and Capacity Building - pre service, in service and in school

Strategies for in-service training in emergency contexts. It contains suggestions for the basic components of teacher training programmes.

Learning Environment self-assessment

A practical self-assessment tool for teachers to consider the learning environment they create.
Focus is placed on the interaction between teachers and students and how the classroom can best support the needs of different children.

Teacher Guide: Basic Literacy, Numeracy and Themes for Everyday Living

This tool is primarily aimed at teacher trainers and primary school teachers in both formal and non-formal settings.
It provides practical lessons that are adaptable to different contexts.

Tips on How to Manage a Large Class

General guidance on how to manage the teaching of large classes.
Multiple strageies are provided which include remedial and enrichment interventions.


'COPE' Teacher Training Manual for RTTs

World Education and Unicef have produced this training manual for Resident Teacher Trainers (RTTs) working in refugee camps as part of the COPE Project (Creating Opportunities for Psychosocial Enhancement).
The manual has been produced to help trainers develop awareness and understanding of psychosocial needs in the Karen refugees' educational system.

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A Toolkit on Positive Discipline

Resource guide designed for those working directly with children which provides clarity on the concepts of positive discipline.